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Armored doors

Abc Sécurity & Quadlok

Armored doors Series E-Model EP21

Apartment door

DOOR AND FRAMES completely CUSTOMIZED to adapt to all scenarios.

  • Doors:

    All steel with a sheet thickness of 15/10 mm.
    The inside of the door is reinforced with omega stringers and rectangle tubes on the surface of the door.
    For thermal and acoustic insulation, the door is lined with extruded polystyrene.

  • Door frames:

    All steel 20/10 mm
    U-shaped to wrap all masonry.

  • Hinges:

    Welded on the upright. They are designed so that it is impossible to drive out the axis.
    The hinges are mounted on ball bearings.

  • Lock:

    Has 7 anchor points including 1 top point, 1 point on the hinge side, 1 low point and 4 points on the opening side.
    Reinforced by a cylinder guard on ball bearings, which forms a whole with the lock.

  • Interior and exterior finish:

    White primer to be painted.
    Wood covering to be varnished. (interior and/or exterior)-optional
    Choice of 2 wooden faces (oak, sapelli) and others on request.

  • Hardware:

    Choose between 3 models

Security cylinder supplied with 5 keys and a code card for duplicates.

Option: Also available in a firewall version.

Request a quote, according to your needs.

Armored doors Series E-Model E21
From €2650 Excl.VAT