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Armored door

Abc Sécurity & Quadlok

Cellar door model 05 – Series 0

Cellar door

CLASS 3 approved

  • Doors:

    All steel with a sheet thickness of 15/10 mm.
    Door with or without ventilation

  • Door frames:

    All steel 20/10 mm
    U-shaped to wrap all masonry.

  • Lock:

    Grooved and double-bitted with
    7 anchor points including 1 top point, 1 low point of the door, 1 hinge point and 4 points on the opening side.

  • Interior and exterior finish:

    White primer to paint.

  • Hardware:

    Interior & exterior handle.
    No insulation in the door structure.

  Supplied with 5 double panneton keys (safe type).
Double panneton keys with code card for key reproduction

Request a quote, according to your needs.

Armored door for cellar model 05
From €1980 Excl.VAT