Apartement Doors class 3 EZ 9040 Serie – Green confort

Registered CLASS 3

Green confort insures your tranquillity in terms of security and sound insulation. All our Green Confort doors are fully equipped with overlapping seals automatic brush, interactive high security cylinder, total insulation into the door-frame structure. 7 years' guarantee on all mechanical pieces. 10 years’ guarantee on installation.

The broad conception is more or less identical to the E 10 series one.


Made out of steel plate of 15/10mm.
The inner side is strengthened by omega shaped ribs and rectangular tubes on the outside, it is filled with high density rock wool for both thermal and acoustic isolations

The Door-frame

Made out of steel plate of 20/10 mm, U shaped to enclose the whole masonry.

Rotative parts (hinge plates)

On ball-bearing are welded to the hinge side door frame.The hinge plates are so devised that driving the axle out is impossible.


Of 10 points if inking.

European cylinder provide with 5 keys.

Finishing (inside en outside)

Prepainted white, still to be painted.


Out of original basic design.
Or in option model AL 92.

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